How To Podcast For Your Business? Be Engaging.

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Stop thinking that your business isn’t interesting.

Just because you think your business might be boring, doesn’t mean your podcast has to be. Even accountants have stories to tell and telling them on a podcast can bring brand awareness to a whole new audience.

During a recent panel discussion on the subject of Podcasting for Business, Mark Asquith of Rebel Base Media said the purpose of a podcast is to entertain and I agree.

Now I know what you’re thinking, how can you make accountancy or data entry entertaining? To the average person it might sound strange to say but even accountancy is enjoyed by some people. Well, accountants anyway. The thing to remember is that an accountancy’s key audience isn’t going to be another account. It’s people who need an accountant to do their tax returns and balance their books who need to be reached. So how do you reach that audience with a podcast? You do it by creating engaging content that entertains.


Be entertaining through telling stories.

The fact is that the first rule of any media is to be entertaining. Without entertainment an audience won’t engage, let alone listen to the very end and click the affiliate links in the show notes. So, as Mark Asquith said, if you’re a divorce lawyer, make a podcast about the entertaining stories of divorce.

Call it The Divorce Podcast and divulge the audience in stories of the couple who couldn’t agree who should get the car so they had it cut in half, or the wife who sold all her (now ex-) husband’s belongings on e-bay to make up the shortfall on the mortgage. Sounds entertaining right? And I just made those examples up on the spot. Imagine what stories an actual divorce lawyer knows!

The brand awareness can be subtle. Make the full name of the podcast The Divorce Podcast with J & C Solicitors, host the podcast’s landing page on the firm’s website and include the logo of the solicitors on the artwork. You can even tell the audience at the start of every show that the hosts work for the solicitors.

The audience may not find the podcast because they are looking for a divorce lawyer but if they ever need one, they might just choose J & C Solicitors because of their amazingly entertaining podcast.

This is how podcasting can work for any business. Yes, even yours, Mr Accountant.



*Mark Asquith was talking at MIC Talks #3 - Manchester’s premier podcasting meetup group hosted by Vic Elizabeth Turnbull.