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When you open up my phone’s podcast player app you’ll find a broad range of podcasts. From comedy to sport, crime to daily news, there is a podcast for any mood I find myself in.

Here I present my favourite podcasts by genre. Sport, comedy, crime and interview. These are all podcasts I listen to and enjoy on a regular basis.

Feel free to agree or disagree and add your own favourites in the comments at the bottom of this blog. You can also use the hashtag #PodcastTipOff on Twitter.



The Totally Football League Show

Being a lower league football fan myself (the not so mighty Northampton Town), I prefer my football podcasts to be about the teams that I actually watch. While The Totally Football League Show still concentrates a little bit too much on the Championship for my liking at times, it does recognise the fact that there are more teams than just the 20 that play in the Premier League.

With a good mix of journalists and ex-pros, The Totally Football Show provides a good insight into the lower leagues of English professional football. They also invite fans to give their opinion on their club once a week and feature a club podcast every now and again. Myself and the folks from It’s All Cobblers To Me are still waiting for our call!

Episode to start you off: The latest one, it’s football!

The Football Ramble

The first football (soccer to you heathens out there) podcast that I ever subscribed to. Not just your usual gathering of thoughts from ex-professionals, analysts and commentators, The Ramble is made up of four fans.

They’re an eclectic bunch too. Each member of the team supports a different club. For me this makes the podcast more entertaining as you get the supporters’ perspective from Jim on Arsenal, lets say, while Pete, Marcus and Luke provide the outsider view

Episode to start you off: Ramble Meets… Mark Chapman




The Horne Section Podcast

I’ve always loved a music based comedy show. I remember a BBC Radio 2 comedy programme on a Saturday hosted by Roland Rivron called Jammin’ that my Dad and I would listen to on the way to the football.

The Horne Section is another great comedy podcast that includes a special guest each week that comedian Alex Horne and his band, The Horne Section, sing to.

With catchy rhythms and unforgettable lyrics, Alex and his Horne Section provide plenty of laughs whilst also managing to provide a decent interview.

Episode to start you off: Series 1 Episode 1 - Composer David Arnold.

Do The Right Thing

My favourite comedy podcast of all time without a shadow of a doubt.

The fabulous audio panel show fronted by Danielle Ward, Michael Legge and Margaret Cabourn-Smith is simply the most laugh out loud podcast ever!

While there are other podcasts that have been known to make me raise a smile and maybe even snigger, none of them have made me spit my tea out all over my desk like DTRT does.

A new series has just begun but, as with all podcasts, the back catalogue is available to listen to along with a special Best Of? Series 1-6 show. Trust me on this and binge them all.

Like now!

Episode to start you off: Series 5 Episode 2 (Romesh Ranganathan & Dave Gorman)

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Being Freelance

I only found Steve Folland’s podcast about freelancers earlier this year but it has become a must listen for me. Each week, Steve talks with a different freelancer about how they became freelance and what their working life is like.

The person’s job title doesn’t matter. Be they a graphic designer, copywriter or podcast producer, it is the story behind the person that counts.

Episode to start you off: Know Your Personal Value - Web Designer Dave Smyth



Who The Hell Is Hamish?

Made by The Australian, Who The Hell Is Hamish is the real life story of Hamish Watson/McLaren. Journalist, Greg Bearup talks to the people whose lives Hamish ruined as the conman managed to steal upwards of $7 million.

With more twists and turns than a Hollywood thriller you have to hear it to believe it. This is a real binge-worthy podcast that will keep you hooked to the very end.

Episode to start you off: Episode 1 (Obviously!)

They Walk Among Us

While there are perhaps more well known crime podcasts coming our of the USA (Criminal and Serial I’m looking at you!), They Walk Among Us is British and therefore better.

Why? Well for a start our cops solve mysteries with their brains, not guns. Seriously though, this podcast is a real audio adventure into true British crime.

Episode to start you off: Season 1 Episode 18 C- Charles Bronson


Those are just some of the podcasts I subscribe to. There are plenty more where they came from.

Have you got a favourite podcast? One you stop everything for when a new episode is released? Add it to the comments below and we’ll create a super list of our favourite podcasts. You can also follow the #PodcastTipOff hashtag on Twitter.

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