How To Grow Your Audience By Repurposing Your Podcast

In a recent episode of Tech Demand Weekly! (a podcast made by Vibrant Sound Media for Tech Demand), I spoke with Amy Woods. Amy’s business, Content 10X is all about repurposing your podcast content in order to reach as many people as possible. Amy works with both podcasters and video content creators and gave some great tips on how we as podcasters can help new people find our podcasts.

  1. Write A Blog Post

You should already be writing show notes for your podcast so that listeners get a sense of what’s in each episode. A blog post is just an extension of that.

Think about how most people search for content these days. Got it? Google! While both Apple and Google have recently announced efforts to make it easier to find podcasts by transcribing them in the background, putting out your own written content will really benefit your reach.

People may find you who would never have come across your podcast in the Apple Podcasts or Spotify directories. Some of these people will use your blog post to decide whether to listen to the podcast. That is why it’s important to ensure that the blog post provides as much value to the reader as your podcast does to the listener.

Don’t just regurgitate your show notes. Write a few hundred words on the main theme of your podcast episode. Give the reader something to take away from it other than just listen to the podcast. If you made conclusions in your podcast episode, voice them in the blog post. Remember, you want the reader to be just as engaged with this written version of your content as you do with your podcast itself.

If you only did one thing, think about getting it SEO friendly through the power of written content.
— Amy Woods

2. Create Social Media Posts

Your podcast doesn’t need to have it’s own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can use your personal accounts or the ones setup for your business. If you make a podcast as part of your companies marketing campaign then the business social channels will be perfect. If you make your podcast because you enjoy it, then use your own accounts. Both will probably already have an audience that you can try and tap into.

Most podcast hosting sites will have an option to automatically Tweet out when you release a new episode. This allows for a great starting point but there is so much more that can be done.

From the blog post you’ve then got the power of repurposing snippets of the written content onto social as well.
— Amy Woods

Take a section, paragraph, a great soundbite and put that out as a Facebook or Twitter post. You could go further and use a site such as Canva to turn it into an infographic that really stands out.

You should already have some artwork in place for your podcast, so use that as a template. Use the same colour scheme and font and create something that visually stands out but is recognisable as being a part of your podcast. Don’t forget to include a clickable link to listen to the podcast and if you have a guest, ask them to retweet or share your content by tagging them in the post too.

TDW Twitter Post.png

3. Make An Audiogram

This is one of my favourite things to repurpose my podcast into. If you don’t know what an audiogram is, think of it as a snippet of your podcast in video form with subtitles. There are some great websites out there that will help you to turn your audio into visual content. Headliner and Wavve are great and really simple to use.

Pull out a snippet of audio from your podcast, upload it to the audiogram website, add your podcast artwork and check the transcription is correct for the subtitles. Once that’s all done hit download and you have your very own short video. Now share it wherever your audience hangs out.

4. Make It Fun

Whether you make your podcast for yourself or your business, you want it to entertain people. The same goes for repurposing your podcast.

The whole point of repurposing your podcast is to attract a bigger audience to it. If your blog post, social media posts and audiograms aren’t engaging then your audience still won’t grow. Make it fun. Enjoy repurposing your podcast as much as you enjoy making the episodes in the first place. If you enjoy it, there will be others out there that will too.

Useful Links

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