podblog - New Equipment

It’s been a little longer than normal, so sorry about the delay. This week’s podcast comes to you using my brand new Zoom H6 and Shure SM58. I’m almost giddy about the fact that I have this new stuff that I forgot how to handle a handheld microphone so apologies for the sound quality at times.

The podcast begins with an introduction to my football podcast It’s All Cobblers To Me and I more or less blame that podcast for the need to buy all this new gear. Coming up you see, we are recording a podcast at the first friendly of Northampton’s pre-season campaign at Sileby FC. In order to do that, I have to make sure I know how to use the gear and this is that test.

More news about Cobblers To Me is a special guest or two that have agreed to take part in interviews for future episodes of the podcast and then there will be a live event before the season proper starts as well. Details of all of these things to follow at some point in the near future.

At the 6 minute mark I place the microphone on a table top stand and there is some vibration that you can hear. Apologies about that but the next bit is really worth listening to.

MIC’s Podcast Edit Club is coming to Manchester City Centre and is a fabulous event designed to get podcasters out of their bedrooms, kitchens and basements and into the bright lights of the real world. Founded and hosted by the amazing Victoria Turnball, MIC also has speaker events about different elements of podcasting. If you can, sign up on the MeetUp app and get yourself down to the next Podcast Edit Club or MIC Talks event.