podblog - Working Smarter

In last week’s episode I talked about the importance of marketing myself and my business better. This week has been one where I have had to learn how to work smarter. Wanting to put out marketing materials isn’t enough. I actually have to do it. So where does the time come from? I’m busy working on my own podcasts as well as those for clients and now I want to do more work?! Ha! Okay!

The most successful men work smart, not hard
— Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom

Cue the age old proverb; work smarter, not harder.

In essence, I need to reduce the amount of time I spend on doing jobs. Whether that be by introducing keyboard shortcuts into my editing workflow, planning more efficiently or just generally working quicker.

In the past week, I may have worked out one way to save some time. I’ve done this by making notes throughout the editing stage that I use later on to write the blog post that goes with the podcast. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? Well clearly not to me. Previously, I would edit the podcast and then go back and listen to the episode again whilst writing the blog post. Not anymore though! I’ve freed up a decent chunk of time by making my notes during the edit.

This has been a huge leap for me and has opened up a new way of thinking. I’m now looking at all my projects with one eye on “how can I do this more efficiently?”

How do you work smarter? Let me know in the comments.

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