podblog - Marketing & Co-Working

There is a lot of work to do when you first go freelance or start a new business. I should know, I’ve been doing it since September 2018 and I’m still only scratching the surface of a giant iceberg.

I was very lucky when I first started as I already had someone who was willing to pay me to make podcasts for them and so provide me with my first pay check and that all important testimonial. In some ways though it may have been more of a hindrance as I maybe relaxed a little bit and didn’t make getting new clients my top priority.

With the first anniversary of my new career fast approaching and having met people who are in the same business and doing far more than me, it’s high time I start thinking about how I market myself and putting myself out there more to prospective clients.

Marketing isn’t easy though and I say that as the host of a B2B Marketing podcast! The big thing I can do to start with though is telling people I already know about what I do. This essentially means that I’m going to be showcasing my work across my existing social media channels, especially LinkedIn.

The second half of the episode concentrates on the more literal meaning of getting myself out there. A couple of months ago I spent a day in a co-working space in Altrincham which was really good as I got loads of work done but the distance from home was a problem. Fast forward a few weeks and I found a wonderful, new space called The Outset. Closer to home (I can get the bus) and attached to a cafe that serves the most delicious lunch I’ve had for under a fiver, I’ve tasked myself with getting into the space at least once a week.

The big win for me about working outside of my kitchen is the amount of work that I get done. Seriously, I get more work completed when working at The Outset for a day than I do in two days at home. There are less distractions. No housework or family to look after or distract me and I also get to look out the window at a beautiful green space too.

Along with the way i work, co-working allows me to meet and interact with people who I would never have met sat at my kitchen table. Networking is such a big thing for creative businesses like mine and I’ve already spoken to two people about how a podcast could complement their offering.

If you think that a podcast could fit in with your business or you want help starting a podcast for yourself then drop me an email on vibrantsoundmedia@gmail.com